Hrokkvir Drest, Archon of the Reapers

April 14, 2016

Sixteen years before the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant, Hrokkvir was born in New Adasta on Ziost. While he bears the Drest name he has none of the markings of the original Sith species common to that the pure blooded family


Surviving digital copies of the records from the Ministry of Logistics' Ziost office state he was born to vassal family of the Drests and was adopted upon the discovery that he was Force sensitive.  He was home schooled and raised for most of his childhood at the family's estate a few kilometers outside of planetary capital.  When he was old enough he was then sent to be trained as a Sith at the prestigious Korriban Academy.


His skills with the lightsaber were generally deemed as barely passable by his instructors and his connection to the Force to be nothing spectacular. Still they found Hrokkvir was quite adept at the more esoteric and arcane Sith practices. Delving into Sith history and sorcery Hrokkvir sought to find means to enhance his own powers and enact rituals that allowed him to manipulate the Force in ways usually unavailable to him.


After leaving the Academy Hrokkvir sought to learn from as many masters as he could.  No records have yet been found to name who these teachers were.  Nor is there any clear indication of his participation in the resurgent war on behalf of the Sith Empire until the emergence of the New Era and its subsequent terror campaign into the Core Worlds just after the resolution of the Revanite crises on Yavin IV.


The military blitz that participants called the Core Worlds Campaign was evidently an effort by the paramilitary alliance to distract the Republic from its war with the Sith Empire.  A desperate bid to buy the Empire time.


It was after this campaign that an effort was launched to apprehend Hrokkvir.  It was not until the Republic discovered that he would be personally attending a field testing of a Sith relic on Yavin IV, that they were able to send Alpha Company after him.  


The Republic soldiers captured the Sith Lord and escorted him to Belsavis.  There he remained for six years until his allies were able to locate and liberate the man.


Now freed into a galaxy where a new power rulers lords over both the Republic and the SIth, Hrokkvir has aligned himself more fully with his old allies.  What comes next is yet to be seen. 

Lei-Shen JeVondair, Founder of the Reapers, Imperator of the Sith

July 14, 2015

 Lei-Shen, waas the beating heart of the Reapers guild, was not always the galactic power she now is. Despite her pure sith blood (or, perhaps, because of it), Lei-Shen began life as a slave sometime in early 2012. Though her earliest origins are known only to herself, if at all, she first came to notice when she was tapped to become an Acolyte at the infamous Sith Academy on Korriban. Her power, untrained and untested, was nevertheless sufficient enough to raise her above her peers. What escaped notice even then was the compassion with which Lei-Shen treated her peers, even her rivals. Although she loathed her time there, more than a few acolytes would owe their lives to her before she caught the attention of the Sith Lord Zash, who took her on as an apprentice.


Zash gave Lei-Shen her first lightsaber and eventually a ship, sending her out on her own into the galaxy on various errands. During this period, Lei-Shen learned the art of poise, the value of cunning, when ruthlessness was required and when compassion and empathy would best serve her. Zash was ambivlant to the inner workings of her student's mind, prefering instead to pursue her dark adgendas while Lei-Shen developed her own unique philosphy on the nature of the Dark Side and the force in general. She was aided and advised on multiple occasions by the appearance of an apparition, her ancestor, an ancient sith Lord named Kallig. It was around this time that Lei-Shen first encountered the Revanites and rediscovered the teachings of the centuries-dead Prodigal Knight who'd mastered both Light and Dark. Lei-Shen devoted herself to studying Revan's philosophies, but Zash's tunnel vision would not last for ever. With her preparations finally complete, Zash summoned Lei-Shen to the Dark Temple on Dromund Kaas and attempted to steal her apprentice's body. Instead, Lei-Shen fought back and trapped the old witch's spirit in the body of Khem Val, Lei-Shen's Dashade assassin and relic of the Tulak Horde era.

With her path finally clear, Lei-Shen assumed the role of Lord of the Sith and continued to pursue her own meditations and research into the nature of the force. Unfortunately, peace would not be her companion, for Darth Thanaton, Master of the Sith Pyramid of Knowledge and sitting member of the Dark Council, resolved to destroy her, ostensibly in retribution for Zash's murder, but really it was for Lei-Shen flouting of tradition and her radical views which challenged his percieved authority. 


Thanaton's power and resources were immense and Lei-Shen was woefully unprepared to match him. Setting out on a desperate quest for power that took her to the most disparate corners of the Galaxy, Lei-Shen found that by binding the force ghosts of ancient lords of the sith to augment her own burgeoning power she would eventually be able to match Thanaton blow for blow.  All that power took an incredible strain on her body, however, causing it to deteriorate at an accelerated rate while her mind slowly splintered...


Desperate for survival, Lei-Shen combed the galaxy before she found healing rituals to harmonize the chaotic foces within that were slowly destroying her, all the while building up a true power base to challenge Thanaton on equal terms. Her servants become legion, including Moff Pyron of the Imperial Fleet and the Cult of the Dragon on Nar Shadda. Her personality solidified as an individual who valued life and the rights of living creatures. Lei-Shen eschewed violence as the ever-answer, prefering instead to persue cooperation. By the time she finally faced her aggressor, her power dwarfed Thanaton's own. The Kaggath ended with Thanton on his knees before her and all the Dark Council. With his daeth, Lei-Shen was elevated to his seat as the Head of the Sith Pyramid of Knowledge and given the title of Darth Imperius - making her a living oxymoron as she was simultaneously a Dark Lord of the Sith and a Master of the Light Side of the Force.

Though her contributions to the Empire would continue on Makeb, Rishi, and Yavin, Darth Imperius focused on the philosophies that brought her where she was, resulting in the development of the Shenway: A collection of her teachings that empathized freedom through compassion and power through loyalty, for behavior that is admired is the path to power everywhere. Darth Imperius being living proof of this. Her Apprentice, Darth Parthaax, would be the first of a new generation of Sith to master this philosophy.

In her earliest days, Darth imperius joined the Nightmare Squadron and fought for them on many worlds, but she never felt as though she truly belonged to the massive organization. So, despite their power, when an enigmatic young Sith named Sithtodius petitioned her to join his Death Legion, she accepted, becoming at the time the single most powerful member of the guild (which then numbered less than 30 accounts).  She kept to herself, mostly. Ignoring the calls to battle on the sands in favor of speaking with and engaging her fellows on a one to one basis. It was not long before she was assigned her first apprentice, Yegrcoln, a troubled young acolyte who dreamed always of greatness.


Her idle days were not to last, however. In May of 2015, Darth Imperius had a vision where she and all she knew were cut down by the Knights of the Fallen Empire. She shared this vision, and was kicked out of Death Legion on charges of fostering sedition. Imperius withdrew to her remote stronghold on Tattooine, meditating on her eventual death, when Yegrcoln, now founder of Darkness Rising, coaxed her out and begged her to lead his fledgling guild. She refused outright, but burdened by the knowledge that with her death her controvercial teachings would be lost to the void, she eventually accepted. She would change the title of Grandmistress to Archon, and the name of Darkness Risng to the Reapers, which she felt suited her and her constituents better.


Imperius lead the Reapers with an inviolable iron will and poise refined from years of adversity. However, as time passed, her prusuit of power turned inwards. The realization of her prohpecy, the rise of Zakuul, presented new challanges for the Archon. In time, she determined that only Seneschal Hrokkvir, then of the Inheritors, could help the Reapers realize their destiney. Lei-Shen struck a deal with the powerful sith lord, stepping down and allowing him to take on the title of Archon along with the leadership of the guild.

Lei-Shen remains a powerful force to be reckoned with, but is content to remain in the shadows...for now...


(Fun Facts) In Chinese, Shen means "to ponder" or "to consider" While Lei means "Divine" Or "Thunder." Lei-Shen is the name of a Chinese Thunder God.)

Crafting Skill: Cybertech - lvl500

Hours: Weekdays b/w 7-9 CST, sometimes mornings before 7AM CST.

(Likes: Roleplaying, Cleverness, Teaching, Contemplating the Force, Decorating, Lightning)

(Dislikes: Foul Language, Harrassment, Unecessary Conflict, Weakness)



Marolyn, Imperator of Intelligence

April 04, 2016

Marolyn, also known as; Maro'cheu'yn, Nyloram Solus, and Maro Quinn was and still claims to be but a medic, however this is untrue. She is the personal agent to Hrokkvir himself, or more commonly known as the head of intelligence within the New Era. Her story begins when she first joined the military and was stationed as a medic on Hoth, she displayed a sense of unhappiness with how uneventful it was. She continued to work on Hoth for two years up until Hrokkvir and his organization aptly named The New Era came in and took her unit under its command. From there she would be seen working in the battles of the core worlds campaign, and quickly rose through the ranks of the military with her skill as a medic and the bravery to run into the line of fire to retrieve her injured and fallen comrades all without the notice of her opponents. Though it hadn't been just her superiors whom noticed her capabilities of being unseen and quick to evade the enemy's grasp, Hrokkvir Drest had taken an interest to her skill and placed her in a specialized squad tasked with eliminating key political targets on the battlefield. For a time it worked until the battles were eventually calming down for a time. 


During that time Marolyn would go on to experience the job that would change her career from then on. She had helped detain and torture a grand seer to obtain information, however due to some unfortunate circumstances she was identified and almost captured for her deeds. Afterwards Hrokkvir would offer her the position of becoming the head of intelligence for The New Era. After a while of governing the spy network and doing her part in the military, eventually Hrokkvir Drest would be captured by Alpha Company. With everyone fighting, Marolyn saw little reason to stick around so she left and went on to travel the galaxy alone. She'd go on to be contacted by Thrivaldi Drest five years later offering her a job back in The New Era in order to find and free Hrokkvir Drest, but little did Thrivaldi know that Marolyn would come to uncover his conspiracy to kill and or overthrow Hrokkvir. Upon uncovering this conspiracy The New Era split into their own sub-factions that'd war with each other. Eventually in all of the commotion it would be revealed that Marolyn was in fact force sensitive, and that she had been using it for her own gain in secret for years.


Eventually she would find herself captured despite evidence of Thrivaldi's betrayal being readily apparent, though much to the dismay of Thrivaldi, Hrokkvir was freed prior to his own efforts to break him out when he battled Alpha Company on Belsavis. During the time of Marolyn's trial, it was abruptly interrupted by forces that aimed to free her. Many of those who tried to free her failed aside from one unknown mandalorian who was seen flying away with her as the rest fought. Since then, Marolyn has been working for Hrokkvir.


Likes: Liquor, time alone, intelligence, independence.

Dislikes: Violence, incompetence, spies, traitors, force-users.

Lord Parthaax, Force Commander of the Reapers

July 14, 2015

Imperator Parthaax, also known as Darth Nox, had a very similar background to Lei-Shen, save that he chose to embrace the violence and cruelty that is the Sith hallmark. Nevertheless, he was Lei-Shen's very first recruit back when Darkness Rising was brand new, and he stayed with her through the name change to become her first Reaper. He even went so far as to request to become her apprentice early on in their relationship and swiftly mastered the lessons of Shenway.


Parthaax is a man that will consider dying for his friends, but would much prefer to bring slaughter to their enemies instead. He fears neither efath nor failure and is never afraid to get his hands dirty, especially with those that are unwise enough to fail to offer him the respect he sees as his due. He does, however,  parodoxically enjoy being friendly  to and forming bonds with anyone willing to do the same. If one would like to avoid his "to-kill" list, simply don't hurt his friends and show some respect. Once he reached level 60, he challenged then-Imperator Yegrcoln to a kaggath, the victor of which would emerge as the new Imperator. Ygercoln fled before Parthaax's power.


Despite his violent nature, his fury is well-leashed behind an iron veneer of calm civility.


(Likes: Lei-Shen, Climbing things, Roleplay,  sitting on his throne, conversing with friends, and plotting the deaths of his enemies)

(Dislikes: Anyone who messes with Lei-Shen)

Lord Natarux, Reaper Force-Commander

July 14, 2015

The first recruit of Lord Parthaax, Natarux is an accomplished warrior and has learned much in a short period of time. Now a fully fledged Reaper, this young sith is dead set on becoming the Reaper's first Force commander.


Natarux never cared for his past, so he never revealed it to anyone, except for when he joined the Sith Empire. Natarux was more or less forced to join, but when he did he discovered something he never had before.




With the force at his back, he killed his way up to an apprenticeship under a very powerful Sith Lord by the name of Darth Baras. Baras used Natarux’s new power as a tool for his own, having him eliminate anyone who stood in his way, something which Natarux had no problems with. After killing many Sith who stood in the way to his master’s goals Natarux was given the task of finding and killing a jedi apprentice by the name of Jaesa Willsaam. After finding and killing both her old master and her parents, the young apprentice was very willing to show herself to Natarux for all the suffering to stop. Natarux defeated her master, and turned her to the dark side of the force. After this Darth Baras saw Natarux as a threat to his own power, and the only option was to kill him. Natarux survived his assassination attempt however and then destroyed Baras’ network of spies until the man had no power to protect him other than his own. Natarux, now serving as the Emperor’s Wrath humiliated Baras in front of the Dark Council, then he killed his old master. After this he discovered true power with the Reapers, and has been with them ever since, serving as apprentice to Parthaax, his brother of choice. However, with the rise of the Infinite Empire of Zakuul, he disappeared. Rumors have reached the Reapers here and there and he is believed to be pursuing some kind of answer. Whether the question regards the Force or the enemies of the Reapers, only time will tell.


(Likes: Parthaax, Lei-Shen, igniting lightsabers, Nerf-Herding, Sweping, Impop bands)

(Dislikes: Pacifism, Cowards, Ignorance.)

Tenji of Mandalore, Reaper Squad-Commander

September 29, 2015

For Honor, For Glory, and for Credits...


The most well-known Mercenary in the Reapers' ever-growing aresnal, Tenji lived but the only code a Mandalorian could: He worked for credits and he worked with honor, doing the job at all costs and unlike some Mandalorian's he wouldn't accept more credits from a different party to alter his original contract. He was arrogant about his skill, but he was never ignorant, and he was very good at what he did. He wore the blaster scorches and vibroblade slashes in his armor as a constant remind of how close he danced on the precipice of disaster with every encounter.


He never came closer to the end as when he worked with another Mandalorian on a contract on Nar Shadaa. After a lengthy hunt and trying battle the contract was fulfilled and he and his partner were both nursing their wounds as they prepared to head back and collect on the bounty. While prepping his gear to move, Tenji's back was to his partner, and that is when he felt the vibro blade punch through the thick armor on his back and cut clean through, emerging from his chest. The other Mandalorian figured he would double his cut, and left Tenji for dead. Tenji crawled for two days, stemming the blood flow with dirt and whatever else he could find to pack the wound. He reached a medical droid, and from there he made it to his ship.


Needless to say the other Mandalorian's death was neither quick nor painless.


It was after this encounter that Tenji realized that he needed something more. Traveling the galaxy always looking over your shoulder was not the life he wanted any longer and he began to search for a place and group he could call home. The Reapers, the name came up several times in his travels. A group who had recently gone through turmoil and strife, and had emerged more powerful and more aware. Lei-Shen and Parthaax, names spoken with equal parts respect and fear. Tenji then turned to seek Imperator Parthaax out, and before too long he found him on Dromund Kaas. After several discussions, Tenji made the choice to join the ranks of the Reapers. A Bounty Hunter and Mercenary by trade, he has now found another calling. Using the skills of warfare and subterfuge he has honed over decades of mercenary work, he now puts them to use for the Reapers. Tenji consider's himself the Archon's tool and will put the Reapers and her will before all else. 


Likes - Mortal combat. Testaments of characters. Defending his Archon's honor.

Dislikes -  Weakness of heart. Cowardice. Fealty to a lesser power.


Crew skills - slicing lvl500

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