"They are coming...can you feel it? Their golden blades will reap Jedi and Sith alike..."

Archon Lei-Shen JeVondair

The Reapers are a guild focused specifically on the Roleplay aspect of BioWare's Epic Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG (Currently Located on the Jung Ma RP/PVP server). The reason it is exists is that there is an unfortunate dirth of guilds that Emphasize roleplay, character interaction/developement, appearace customization, Stronghold decoration, and PVE worldplay. The Reapers exist to fill this void. In joining the Reapers, your character will join a League of players devoted to inundating you in this living Force of the Star Wars Universe.

The Reapers

Our History
(June 2015)

In the Twilight days of the Sith Empire, during the Great War, a guild arose to fill the void. The Reapers were born of Strife and midwifed by Adversity.


The guild was initially founded as Darkness Rising by Yegrcoln, a young but ambitious Sith Sorcerer apprenticed to the Dark Council member Darth Imperius, known as Lei-Shen the Pure. At the time, Yegrcoln was a fairly junior member of the Guild Known as the Death Legion, led by its Emperor - Sithtodius. When Sithtodius banned Lei-Shen from the Death Legion on the false pretenses of spying and corruption on behalf of a guild known as the Dathomir Witches. All who spoke in her defense were also purged from Death Legion's ranks...including her loyal apprentice: Yegrcoln.


Alone and enraged, the young Sith dreamed of ways to strike back at Sithtodius and his Death Legion, eventually coming to the conclusion that he must create a guild to counterballance the power of the Legion. To do so, he sought out his master, Lei-Shen, who had exiled herself to her stronghold on the desert world of Tattoine. There, he learned why she had been banned in the first place...


"I had a vision," she began, "A new power is rising. A surge within the Force of such strength that it overshadows even the coming of Revan. It is the swell of the deep Leviathan just before it breaks the surface. I saw force-users true to neither jedi nor sith leading armies that swept over us all like scythes through wheat. They are coming...can you feel it? Their golden blades will reap Jedi and Sith alike... I watched friends and enemies fall to those golden blades, and then it was my turn. I am Darth Imperius of the Emperor's Dark Council. I have started and ended wars on whim, and crushed any that has ever opposed me. But despite all my so-called power, I too fell."


Yegrcoln learned that Lei-Shen had shared this vision with Sithtodius, who somehow took it as a threat from her that she intended to split and destroy the Death Legion. Yegrcoln begged his master to take up arms, to found a guild and fight back. But Lei-Shen had had enough of guilds, and her disillusionment was absolute. But Yegrcoln remained undaunted. Alone with a few brave volunteers, he founded Darkness Rising and eventually convinced his master that to invest in this guild might alter the fate of her vision...of her death. His plan would succeeded...


Desperate to protect the lineage of her controvercial teachings, Lei-Shen agreed to join him and he turned over the reigns of power to her, naming her Grandmistress of Darkness Rising. From that point on, Lei Shen, who later renamed her elite title to Archon, did everything she could to make the guild succeed.


Eventually, due to conflicts with other guilds that also bore Darkness in their name, Archon Lei-Shen decided that it was time to change the guild name, choosing the one thing in her mind that represented her answer to the coming stormfront that is the Knights of the Fallen Empire...


The Reapers.


Born in strife, midwifed in Adversity, the Reapers founding was met with challenges from across the Sith Empire. Imperator Yegrcoln focused his energies on building alliances with anyone at any cost in order to resist the Death Legion attack he was so certain was iminent. Unfortunately, this meant he pursued quantity, rather than quality. One day, he summoned Archon Lei-Shen to a meeting with representatives from Ascending Darkness (lead by Lords Arredos and Kuza) and Legacy of Darkness (Represented by Lord Zagg). Lei-Shen agreed to strike a deal with these organizations, but all was not to be well...


Days after the deal was struck, Lord Arredos of Ascending Darkness requested an audience with Lei-Shen, explaining to her that his position as second in command was tenuous. A day later, he was supplanted by Lord Kuza and ran to the Reapers for sanctuary. The Archon welcomed him, caring not at all for the consequences. Her actions would cause Ascending Darkness, seemingly agains all logic, to declare War upon the Reapers. Thier 'Empress', Cyrinity, did little to prevent the disrespect and outright harrassmant that Kuza and his lackeys lavished upon the Archon. But Lei-Shen, wisely, did not fight fire with fire. She recognized poison when she saw it. Indeed, before long Ascending Darkness choked on its own vitroil and fell apart, resulting in the Reaper's first 'victory' as a guild.

Despite the success, the venom that the memebers of Ascending Darkness had spread continued to undermine the Archon's efforts to strengthen her guild. In the weeks that followed, the Archon fended off death threats, challenges, and harrassment. But the seige upon her was unexpectedly lifted when a Bounty Hunter named Warwin of the Dxun Crusaders and the powerful Sith Lord Hadies of Legacy of Darkness sought an audience with her.

Warwin, a hunter famed throughout the galaxy, was influnced by Sithtodius of Death Legion to believe that the Archon and her Reapers were set upon destroying his guild. Their subsequent conversation lasted deep into the night, but resulted in a tremulous friendship and a loss of credibility for Sithtodius.


The meeting between the Arhcon and Lord Hadies was arranged by Lord Zagg, the same Legacy of Darkness delegate that had forged the initial relationship between his guild and the Reapers. The two Dark Lords greeted each other as eqauls, and soon forged a True Alliance between the Reapers and the powerful Legacy of Darkness guild.


All seemed well, but there was a problem growing within the Reapers that eventually drew the Archon's attention. Imperator Yegrcoln was perceived as weak by many of the more active Reapers, and his decisions were being called into question more and more. Additionally, he had begun whispering lies of treachery concerning two of her most favored Reapers, Lords Parthaax and his apprentice Natarux. Lei-Shen could taste her Imperators all-consuming fear and paranoia. Eventually, Squad-Commander Parthaax, Lei-Shen's former apprentice and very first recruit, challenged Yegrcoln to a Kaggath for the title of Imperator and the honor of serving as the Archon's strong right hand, voice, and extension of her will. Yegrcoln fled rather than face certain defeat, leaving the guild entirely and ceding victory to Parthaax, who was swiftly inducted and raised to the Rank of Imperator.

The celebration commemorating the new Imperator would be short-lived, however. Within days of his ascension, Archon Lei-Shen was summoned to Nar Shadda by Blessedrebel, the narrow-minded leader of a guild known as the Brotherhood, a little-known group of woebegone assassins who had taken in a poisonous new member...Kuza, refugee of the decimated Ascending Darkness. His evil quickly set to root in the minds of his new-found fellows, even goading Blessedrebel to demand an audience with the Archon and command, in her own stronghold, that she show some semblence of clemancy and respect toward Kuza simply to accomodate both of their fragile egoes. Lei-Shen had none to give, but that day on Nar Shadda, the Brotherhood was about different business. Escorted from the landing platform by an underling, Archon Lei-Shen found Blessedrebel in the heart of the floating stronghold...with Kuza at his side.. After a hollow attempt at posturing, the leader of the Brotherhood accused Lei-Shen 
in front of witnesses of attempting to infiltrate the Brotherhood. "An Act of War," he said, Kuza grinning at his shoulder. Immediately, the Archon realized where the true impetus for this conflict had come, and she swore to defy Kuza's insidious machinations to her last breath. But to Blessedrebel, Kuza's dupe, she only laughed. And that laughter echoed through the halls of the stronghold even as Brotherhood assassins surrounded her...


Later, on Tattoine, the Archon convened a war council, summoning her available Reapers and her allies in Legacy of Darkness. Before long, her Stronghold was croweded with delegates, including Empress Siffuth of Legacy of Darkness herself. Lei-Shen revealed what had happened and petitioned her counterpart for aid. Both the Empress and her second, Lord Hadies, offered their enthusiastic support. The two matriarchs would speak privately for a time, each gauging the other and finding a great deal in common to respect, stengthening the bonds of the alliance still further. When they returned to the War Council, the Archon made the war-hierachy official, ensuring that her subbordinates would heed and obey the council of thier LoD counterparts. Lei-Shen then charged Lord Hadies with the duty of contacting the Brotherhood and informing those Assassins of the gundark nest they had just fallen into by challenging the Reapers. Lei-Shhen would go a step further in contacting Warwin of the Dxun Crusaders, contracting the PVP guild as a mercenary element to supplant her own lack of soldiers.


That, however, was not the end to the Reaper's good fortune against the brotherhood. While derailing Revan's plans on Yavin 4, who should seek out the Archon but Sithtodius of Death Legion himself. After requesting her time, he made known his desires to bury the hatchet between them, leaving their badblood in the past. But Lei-Shen was wary, for this man had harmed her in the past, and she said as much and more. She told him every negative opinion she'd ever voiced about him. And after she was finally done venting, she told him that the ONLY way she would allow the past to be the past is if he apologized. At that, Sithtodius bowed before Lei-Shen with great respect and voiced his apology. After judging his sincerity, the Archon accepted, thereby ending her longest conflict. But greater truths were soon to be revealed, for the two Leaders discovered that they had a common foe...


The Brotherhood.


The Reapers' enemies, however, had not been idle. Unbeknowst to the Archon, the worm Kuza had managed to pool enough resources to secure a meeting with Empress Siiffuth herself in secret...and corrupt her against the Reapers. The first surprise of the day was that Yegrcoln sought an audience with Lei-Shen. When she granted it, he revealed that behind the Archon's back, Siffuth had formed an alliance with the very guild she'd vowed to bring to justice not a week before. When Lei-Shen discovered this, she demanded that Siffuth account for her actions. They met in Siffuth's offices in the Legacy of Darkness stronghold on Dromund Kaas. The woman's only explanation was that she'd determined, against all logic, that it had been the REAPERS who had been the aggressors against the Brotherhood. As she spoke, Kuza appeared from the shadows at her shoulder, much the same way a maggot breaches the skin of a carcass, wearing the same grin he'd worn when Blessedrebel dropped his war banner at the Archon's feet.


Lei-Shen was hardly surprised at Siffuth's betrayal, it is the unfortunate way of the Sith. The Archon was more surprised at Siffuth's apparent foolishness. Something simply did not add up. But, whatever it was, it did not concern Lei-Shen. For whatever Siffuth's purpose had been, the result that she and Legacy of Darkness had betrayed the Reapers to their enemies, and that was an incounsolable fact. Lei-Shen turned and left the office with her head held high as Kuza and Campaignking hurled insults at her back.


By this point, the Archon had had quite her fill of self-styled 'Emperors' and Empress's'. From Vitiate to Siffuth to Malgus, all seemed familiar with only one common trait: Treachery. It was, the Archon reflected, akin to watching the destruction of the Sith Empire in miniature as the Republic's growing strength, to say nothing of the coming of the Knights of a fallen Empire, threatened them all...


The Archon returned to her seat of power on Tatooine where Yegrcoln waited for her and the results of her confrontation with Siffuth. Lei-Shen related the details, quipping that she was hardly surprised Kuza would attempt such a coup, but that he succeeded astounded and perplexed her. At that, Yegrcoln looked at his feet. Shuffling, he announced that Kuza had not been alone in spoiling her alliance with LoD...that he'd had help...from Yegrcoln himself; freely offered, he explained pittifully, as a result of his anger at being replaced as Imperator by Parthaax.


Lei-Shen had always been a patient woman, and she had shown a saintly amount in favor of her former Imperator. Though at this news, she did not hesitate, but blasted him with a wave of dark energy so powerful in its rage that expelled him from her fortress completely. In a blink, she'd removed every privelege he'd ever had with her and banned him from her presence. All of the anger that had built up from her humiliation on Dromund Kaas was unleashed on the foolish young sith Lord. That he survived the experience at all is a testimant to Lei-Shen's greatest weakness..her mercy.


The following morning, while Lei-Shen was investigating the tragedy on Ziost, Emperor Sithtodius called upon her, having learned of LoD's unexpected shift and thinking to warn her personally. While the gesture was enough to lift her spirts somewhat from the depths of rage that had grown overnight, it was not enough to fully relieve her. He went on to say that both he and Warwin of the Dxun Crusaders would continue to oppose the Brotherhood on all fronts. Valuing the showing of solidarity, Lei-Shen confirmed that she and her Reapers would stand resolute at their shoulders agaisnt the foe that brought war and treachury like plauge before their door.











Archon Lei-Shen
Recent Events
(June 2015)
A New War...
(July 2015)
A New Betrayal...
(July 2015)
(July 2015)

Sithtodius was as good as his word. In the days and weeks that followed, the Emperor of Death Legion, supported by his Mandalorian allies the Dxun Crusaders, won victory after victory both on the sands, in the warzones, and even 1 on 1 against their enemies despite constant attempts by Kuza and his, for want of a better term, toadies to undermine, slander, or otherwise disrupt relations between the Reapers and Death Legion.


 As a reward for Sithtodius's efforts, Lei-Shen commissioned the construction of the Revenant: anX70B-Phantom Class starship—the most low-profile, high-tech starship class the galaxy has ever known. The unsought gift came as a welcome surprise to the Death Legion, and is presently on display in the docking bay of their Sith Academy on Tattoine.


As Sithtodius marvled at his new ship, Lei-Shen began a line of questioning that would unravel a lie that had hitherto passed unoticed between the two Leaders. She asked him about the Dathomir Witches and whether they truly existed or were just some myth Sithtodius appropriated to cast her out of Death Legion. Sithtodius, having learned the value of forthrightness when in the Archon's presence, answered honestly that the Dathomir Witches did indeed exist and, at the time, he had gained knowledge that they not only intended to declare war on and destroy Death Legion, but also already had an agent WITHIN the Legion, a master of the Dark Side who was powerful enough to engineer the Legion's destruction. Lei-Shen herself had been implicated as the culprit in this percieved plot and, to her rage, Sithtodius revealed that it had been none other than Yegrcoln that had pointed the finger at her.


From that point on, The Archon officially branded the former Imperator as a traitor and enemy of the Reapers, never again to be trusted. meanwhile, The Reapers grew ever closer to Death Legion and their Dxun allies...



Weeks passed in relative peace as the Reapers slowly grew stronger both in numbers and in power. Yegrcoln begged for days and days for an audience with the Archon, but Lei-Shen had thoroughly disavowed him and his fledgling "Reaper Empire." As time went on, Even Kuza attempted to placate her, but she delegated the distatesful task of handeling him to her latest Apprentice, pureblood Darth named Thrivladi of the Drest bloodline. Feeling the sting of her rebuke, Kuza withdrew, but the Archon had other concerns.


While speaking with Gratina, the Reaper's most experienced Bounty Hunter, the Archon was made aware that after winning the Great Hunt, Gratina was looking for a true challenge to focus her Mandalorian talents upon, and Lei-Shen developed one for her on the spot...


"Build me a Conclave," The Archon began, "Like the tower on Dromuund Kaas. Bring together a cadre of Mandalorian warriors who will bring glory to the Reaper name. The mandalorian that does this for me will not only recieve an Imperator rank, but also a full replica set of the vaunted Cassus Fett body armor." 


"Vut trast!" Gratina replied, "Sounds easy enough! I thought you had a challenge for me?


"Oh but I do, warrior," Lei-Shen replied. "This future Imperator will bring 4 Levl 60 Mandalorians, with at least 6 junior hunters for a total of 10 indivduals before me at the same time before I will authorize the creation of a Reaper Conclave."


"I will succeed, Archon." Gratina vowed grimly.


"Good," Lei-Shen thought to herself later. "One day, the Reapers will have three Imperators, not just one. Each representing the Sith, our agents, and our bounty hunters respectfully. Thn, not even the Knights of the Fallen Empire will stop us."


It was around this time that the Archon once again began recieving personal messages from none other than Darth Kuza, the nemesis that had troubled her for months, ruining her plans and dragging her good name through the mud. She had never chosen to ignore him, for his threats were often amusing, but this time was different.


"I must speak with you.." His messages usually began. But the Archon would have none of it, ignoring him with enviable disdain. Weeks passed and still his messages continued. "I have been encouraged by other guilds to...address our diplomacy.." But Lei-Shen well remembered Legacy of Darkness, turning her thoughts to black rage. Unwilling to trust herself to be civil, she assigned her Apprentice, Lord Thrivaldi of House Durst, to be her go-between. Kuza, however, would speak only with her.


And one day, Kuza's persistence paid off at last.


The Archon was recruiting on Korriban when, during a brief moment of inaction, Kuza reached out to her and, rather than follow his usual habit of prideful posturing and other villainous tropes that set Lei's teeth to grinding, instead began by casting the blame on another...Darth Arredos: The disgraced second of Ascending Darkness who so swiftly swore himself as her Apprentice, only to vanish to another guild.


Despite herself, the Archon was intrigued by this new development and, albeit reluctantly, invited Kuza to her Temple on Tattooine for further discussion. Only with all the guards on hightened alert of course.


Lei-Shen was seated upon her throne when he arrived. She wasted no time on niceities. "Kuza..." she nearly spat, "I have hated you more than any single person, Sith or Jedi, since I rose to power. You ahve been a thorn in my side at every turn, and a bane upon my endeavors. Speak quickly."


"I assure you, My Lord-" He replied smoothly, "that the feeling was certainly mutual. But I have been lead to believe by others that respect you that you have been unware of certain facts that may have...colored your viewpoint." He held up a hand, palm up, cutting Lei-Shen off before she could launch into a veritable tyrade. "I am sure we can both share our opions of eachother later, but first, ask yourself, why would I lie about this? Surely I would NEVER have pursued an audience with you for so long, far less come HERE in person, if I were not serious."


Against her will, the Archon's analytical mind held her tounge as she churned over the thought in her mind. instinctivly, she reached out with the force to taste the other Sith Lord's mind and, vile though her thoughts of Kuza was, she DID find one thing that surprised her...




"I'll be brief, as I do not know how long the calm in this torm will last, but did you know that before his departure from Ascending Darkness, Darth Arredos stole from the guild?" Kuza queried, guaging the Archon's reactions.  "Something to the tune of 2-3 million credits, in fact. It bankrupted us..."


<Pause for Dramatic effect>


"And then," Kuza continued relentlessly, "I found out that you, Archon, offered him sanctuary with the Reapers. Imagine my suspicion, seeing the man who robbed my people hiding behind the woman with whose guild HE had foisted an alliance upon Ascending Darkness hardly a week before."


The Archon, being a sith who never allows her rage to overpower her, had nevertheless nourished and relished her hatred of Darth Kuza. So it was an especially odd sensation when the revelation of this llogical truth dealt the death knell to that cherished hatred. The two Dark Lords spoke into the night, the Archon making sure to revisti and evaluate every detail the better to ensure she was not somehow being fooled. But in her heart, she knew it was true, and she mourned the wasted time and enrgy the conflict with Kuza had cost her. Resources that could be better spent focused against the Republic.


When she was certain as she could be of the truth in Kuza words, Archon Lei walked away from him without a word. She accessed the Reaper's guildbank where she had personally deposited over 10 Million credits. Silently, she opened and confirmed a trade to Darth Kuza offering him 1 Million credits and was faintly surprised by his incredulous expression.


"What is the meaning of this Archon?" he very nearly stuttered. "I know now that you had nothing to do with the theft, this is not necessary."


"Oh but it is," she countered swiftly. "I am Darth Imperius, and the honor of my guild is at stake. Unwittingly or not, I played a role. Take this as a small recompense."


"That I cannot do," Darth Kuza replied, a rare note of compassion tinging his voice. "It is obvious to me now that you, and by extension the Reapers, had nothing to do with Arredos's crime against me and mine. Thank you for the gift, but please keep it. I will inform the Brotherhood of your offer, and that our feud is settled?"


"Yes..." Lei-Shen said slowly, "it IS finished."


With their various wars and conflicts resolved, the Reapers used the time to grow and thrive. Archon Lei-Shen devoted herself tirelessly to recruitment, retiring one of her oldest rules (no recruitment on starter worlds) in the process. As their ranks swelled, more and more Knight-Prospects elevated themselves by contributing to the guild. Lord Drizzt Darkstryder became the first Reaper since Darth Thrivaldi (kin to Seneschal Hrokkvir) to make Force Commander rank, and he was followed swiftly by Darth Nerreza, both swearing to uphold the responsibilites of the position.


On the Diplomatic front, the Reapers, invited by Seneschal Hrokkvir, joined forces with  other guilds under the aegis of the New Era: A consortium of Imperial guilds that plan to descend like a swarm on various contested worlds each month. Officers and representatives gathered at Lei-Shen's Temple of Light on Tattooine, convening to discuss the nature of the New Era and the Reapers would'be place in it. The Reapers decided to align themselves, delighting in the prospect of brinign down the enemies of the Empire...


Until the Archon's prophecy finally came true...


In the years that followed the Reaper's association with the New Era, the guild enjoyed an unprecedented era of peace and growth, for a time at least. But as time wore on, Reapers began surfacing less and less, disappearing in ones and twos until the roster was dark with inactivity. With the crazed Sith Emperor Vitiate on the loose and Fearing for the preservation of her teachings and the Reapers unique legacy, the more powerful Reapers left standing turned to Darth Marr, joining the Imperial Leader in Wild Space as he continued his search for the deathless Sith Emperor. What transpired then would shake the foundation of the galaxy...


5 years came and when with no confirmed sighting of Darth Marr or the Reapers that attended him, and Lei-Shen's prophecy came to pass. The Eternal Empire arose from no where, decimating Republic and Imperial fleets alike to fill the military/political void in their wake.


With thier powerbases disrupted by 5 years of neglect in their absence, Lei-shen and her senior officers, freshy returned to the galactic stage, commissioned the acquisition of their First Guild Flagship, an older model Harrower-class Dreadnought named Anti-Phukk (thier name, not ours) from Dexo, an Imperial Agent and leader of the now defunct guild "15 bucks Zero Phukks." The Dreadnought would be essential to their plans to support a galactic alliance against the Eternal Throne. Although the deal went smoothly, suffices to say that the Archon immediately set about sandblasting all evidence of the former owners from her prized vessel. Thankfully, the flagship's name was eventually changed to something far more suitable and fitting: The Scythe.


The Reapers awakened, reborn, a power rising from the darkness of sleep like the great leviathans of legend. Having accomplished the goal of survival, they are ready to reforge alliances and remake the galaxy as they see fit.


As the battle against the Eternal Throne raged on, Lei-Shen foresaw the need to adapt. She approached her old friend Seneshcal Hrokkvir Drest, Custodian of Reign-turned-Leader of the Inheritors with an offer that he could not refuse. In exchange for supporting and safeguarding the legacy she'd built as the Reapers' Founder, she would step aside and allow him to take control of everything that she and his young nephew Thrivaldi had built. Hrokkvir accepted teh weigthy responsibility and arranged for the merger of Inheritors members to the Reapers, a transfer which included the likes of Rhiaci, former guildmaster of Talon Company, among many others.


Now with this infusion of new life, the Reapers are more active, more wealthy and more powerful than ever.




A New Direction
(August 2015)
5 Years Later...
(October 2015)
The Merger: A new Archon
(April 2016)
Archon Hrokkvir