The Reapers were envisioned as a tight-knit group, not unlike a Fraternity/Sorority, Secret Society, or the command crew of a CIC. If you are looking for a Reaper, or have already found one, you should take the time it takes to read through this website and learn more of what we're about.


If you've decided that the Reapers are for you afterall, then your next step is to find one of us. If you read Our Story, you'll have notice that we are stilla young guild, and small. That makes us a little difficult to find. But you'll have an easier time if you simply send a mailed message to one or all of our contact players and/or add them as friends via your social tab to learn when they are online. We all prefer to interact directly of course, and if you choose to contact us, be sure to do so in character! Be you a surly mandalorian, aloof agent, or haughty sith, all are welcome.


One thing to note, however, is that the  Reapers are currently under seige from several other guilds, all of whom utilize the strategey known as 'infiltrating' (that is when an enemy player creates a new blank toon soley for the purpose of getting into a target guild for espionage). Because of this, you will almost certainly be cross-examined by the Imperator, if not the Archon herself.


Once you are in, you'll find that the Reapers strictly adhere to code of respect wherein obeying one's superiors to the best of your ability is tantamount. This aspect of roleplay reinforces the value of the ranking system and leverages why attaining full membership and later promotions should be a goal.


As a rule, we do not encourage an environment of orders, prefering to phrase our directives as requests. And, be they requests or actual orders, the thought behind them is always to enhance the roleplay experience. This is becuase we appreciate that you only have so much game time avalailable and your own goals to complete. Nevertheless, if you are uncomfortable interacting with other players, obeying orders when given, or giving them in your turn, then we are probably not the right fit for you.


Why Join the Reapers?

In addition to the benefits one recieves when joining a guild, The Reapers focus on enhancing and facilitating your experience through roleplay, trading, and so on. We've even started work on establishing a force tradition: The Shenway. The missions our leadership hand out are Roleplay-based; such as "Find this player, talk to them, learn about a specific topic, then report back."

We try to help you level, gear properly, break through difficult flashpoints or story missions, and ultimately build the story of your unique character.