“Many things make an MMORPG good, but players like US make it great”

Find Your Place in the Galaxy

The concept of Roleplaying has proven to be a nebluous term for players of Star Wars; the Old Republic. Many choose not to engage in it at all, limiting any actual roleplay to cut scene or morality decisions that affect the outcome of the story as told by Bioware. Then there are the casual Roleplayers who only engage in the sort of Master/Apprentice relationship that is so prevelent, and often unrewarding. The Reapers, on the other hand, focus on inundating their constituents in the Star Wars universe.


In the Sith Empire, the ultimate and often tyrannous expression of a meritocracy, the powerful and knowledgable are treated with fear and respect. Where a slave can rise to the height of military and political power, one's accomplishments and ability to reap havoc are behind the veil of every social interaction.


The Aspiring Agent, the Ambivilant Bounty Hunter, the Ambitious Sith Sorcerer, the Arrogant Sith Warrior. All play their part for the greater glory of the Empire (and, of course, themselves) and interact accordingly. The Reapers will help you find your place in the grand scheme of the Star Wars Universe.

"Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous"

Bill Moyers

General Rules of Reaper Conduct & Roleplay

These are general guidlines for Reapers to follow...


1) Always address other players by their assumed titles, be it Lord,           Acolyte, Darth, Agent, or what have you. Unless they inform you otherwise. This holds true regardless of whether the other character is stronger or weaker than yourself.


2) Never shout at, challenge, or insult someone whom you haven't the strength to destroy. Keep in mind the power of your target's allies and devotees and factor that into your calculations. The Sith Empire is a place where the weak and the stupid are swiftly and gleefuly culled. Give them a reason, and you'll end up as a statistic.


3) The Master/Apprentice relationship is not a status, it is a bond, an identity to be treasured and nurtured. Do not apprentice to a Master unless you are really looking to learn/gain from them. Do not take an Apprentice unless you are seriously willing to invest in their developement and be available to aid them.


4) The Sith are an aristocracy, they are the nobles and ultimate leaders of the Empire because, in a 'meritocracy,' being able to say you have the following talent : "I can kill people with my mind" tends to trump other skills. As such, the Sith express a certain level of arrogance towards their non-force-using associates in general. However, that only makes the more skilled Agents and bounty Hunters worthy of that much more respect for risnig above the masses with the 'handicap' of not being able to manipulate the force. After all, who cares if you can kill me with your mind if i can put a blaster hole through before you can see me or faster than you can blink? It is a delicate line to walk, when Roleplaying, and the sign of a true afficionado.


5) When all else fails and you do not know how to roleplay your Sith, watch Penny Dreadful. EVERY character in that show is, no joke, a great example of how Sith culture is supposed to be in the Empire. For Bounty Hunters, Sons of Anarchy is recommend. For Agents, Anything from Bond to  Kingsmen to Homeland to Mission Impossible can't steer you wrong.